A few words about our kennel Del Vento Margio.

Del Vento Margio Kennel is recognized by the FCI International Kennel Federation. It began to exist as a brand in 1999. But its founder and breeder, was involved with German Shepherds from much earlier, from the age of 15 at his mother's side. While in 2004 a new member came to join and walk with him until today, his wife.

All these years we have only been engaged in the selective breeding of German Shepherds by selectively mating only with sires recommended and approved by the Central German Shepherd Group (where it is based in Germany and is responsible for all GP groups worldwide).We work with the most well-known and renowned kennels in Germany in order to achieve our goal of a high-quality litter with homogeneity and excellent characters. That is, we aim by strictly following only the breed standard (as defined by the German GP group SV) to a next champion. Each of our litters has this purpose, the purpose of producing quality healthy dogs and not mass litters.

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