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Our Dog Training school undertakes and trains dogs of all breeds in Basic Obedience, Refusal of Food (Fola) and Protection Duties training (bodyguarding and space guarding). We also undertake the training of your dog in guarding an object as well as in IGP.

Dog Basic Obedience Training

The stage of training your dog in basic obedience starts from the 6th month onwards. With this training, the dog learns to obey us on our walks but also in the internal environment where it lives with any stimulus (dogs, cats, etc.). The commands we learn in basic obedience training are: Together "to walk beside us without pulling on us", Sit "to sit on his two hind legs", Down "to lie down completely", Stay "to stay in place and we move away', Come 'let him come' and DON'T 'anything he does that is not right is not.'

Basic obedience training should only be done with the positive reward method without any form of violence!!


With positive training we get the dog's excellent obedience. Positive training leaves no room for any form of violence. As a result, it provides us with an excellent and quality relationship between dog and human. This is achieved by the method of reward (Food, Play, Petting). When the dog acts right, there will be a reward either with food, a toy, or a caress. This aimes at the mental well-being of the dog and the creation of a willingness on its part to train and learn even more things to get his reward. This is how we keep our dog healthy where after the end of each training session he returns to his room full and happy since he had a full relaxation and learning program with a reward!!


In our dog training school, over the years we have been training dogs with positive training, we have realized that dogs trained with positive training (reward) are healthier, calmer and happier, unlike dogs trained with any form of violence that usually show symptoms of aggression and fear due to a lack of trust in humans.

When a dog is coerced and pressured through violence to train then we spoil his behavior, while when the dog is rewarded for everything he does right then we make him want to do it again to collect his reward. Don't forget that raising a dog is not much different from raising a child. That's why there should always be some kind of reward that will push the dog into the desired behavior of its training.

So at the end of the training we deliver you an even more lovable dog with a more mature character and most importantly a healthy dog without having created behavioral problems!

What makes us stand out is that we train all dogs with love, care and respect, without hostile methods and any form of violence!

In conclusion, our dog training school would like to emphasize once again so that we all understand that violence only begets violence and that training our dog with violence (breaking its hooves, as some would say) will only achieve to destroy our relationship with him, creating a lack of trust, phobias and several times aggression towards humans. Problems that will not let us enjoy living with him for the rest of the years. Don't take advantage of the fact that he can't talk to us!

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