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Custody - Duties of Protection

The security duties include: 1st Area Guarding, 2nd Bodyguarding and 3rd Notification (alarm).

Unlike Basic Obedience, where all dogs of any breed and size are suitable, only dogs whose breed has the specifications for Guard (eg German Shepherd) can be trained in Security Tasks. An important factor in having a guard dog is the character, the breed and the way our dog grows up. For example, two dogs of the same breed are not equally capable in all sectors of Security Tasks. We should pay attention and realise that a proper guardian is a properly socialized, composed and balanced dog and not, as we mistakenly believe, a wild dog. A wild dog can guard our space, but it is uncontrollable and dangerous for the owner's integrity as well. A trained dog, as opposed to a simply wild dog, is a dog that knows techniques to neutralize the malicious intruder and it is easier for him to guard the space, us and himself at the same time. He is not aggressive without reason. The trained dog will guard its space just as well in our absence as in our presence.


We should not worry about training our dog in security duties, because by training our dog in security duties, it is like equipping him with a martial art, which he will use when and if he needs it (threatened) and not unnecessarily and uncontrollably. The instinct is there, training teaches him to manage it properly. Our dog's character does NOT change and in no case he becomes dangerous to his family.

Of course, the right choice of the trainer plays a very important role. If a trainer does not have the knowledge or has ulterior motives, then we risk ruining our dog. That's why you should trust a trainer with authority and knowledge on safety duty training.

You can see VIDEOS of safety training here.

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